I'm a creative maker, living and working in the rainforest in Northern NSW, Australia. I work alongside my husband, Sam Messina - who runs Deadwood Creative; making amazing pieces out of broken skateboards. 

I'm a mama to 3 little ones (2years, 9years & 12years old). 

I work with textiles and yarn, natural dyes and an instinctual way of creating. My work isn't always pre-dermined, which I love - discovering the piece while I'm in the process of making. I create woven wall hangings, woven baskets, naturally dyed yarns & fabric, sewn & hand stitched pieces, crochet works and much more. 

You can follow my daily journey, on my Instagram account @petalplum and read my blog (where I occasionally share stories, recipes, slow living ideas and family life) Petalplum. I also create images for StellerStories as Petalplum