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ebook - Botanical & Natural Dyeing how-to


This beautiful booklet will guide you through the processes of using natural and botanical dyes to achieve stunning colour results on yarn and fabric. Jam packed with info and how-tos on mordants, dye processes and easy to follow recipes, with full colour photographs. You'll never look at plants, flowers or your garden in the same way again.

Written by Zoe Yule & Ellie Beck - both passionate natural dyers with a keen interest to share the world of colour. Please visit Ellie on Instagram @petalplum and Zoe @peregrinationz to see some of our dye work.

This is a digital download product. Please visit my Etsy shop to purchase and download this item
(it's easier through Etsy for digital files, than through Big Cartel - who charge me an extra monthly fee for downloadable files). If you would like to purchase via this site, then I can send you a Dropbox file to download. Thank you for your understanding, please email me if you have any questions.