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eCourse :: The Creative Year


IMAGINE a whole year dedicated to learning new crafts, slowing down and creating meaning in your days, & connecting to your own creativity in a whole new way. This beautiful course will spend a year sharing & teaching new skills in creative techniques. Aimed at helping you to slow down in your everyday life, while finding the mediation in crafting, you'll learn a different craft every month.

Each month will feature one new project that will include all the how-tos, from gathering & making your supplies, to creating your finished artwork. Most months will teach more than one technique, showing you how to make your supplies as well as how to create your finished piece (ie - learning how to dye your raffia before you weave with it = 2 techniques for one month's teaching).

You'll receive ::
+ Video lessons each month on a different project
+ Materials list in the month prior (so you can be prepared)
+ Facebook & Instagram support (via a private FB account)
+ Downloadable technique instructions (eg - stitches & recipes)
+ Once a month essays / thoughts on creative self, and finding your own visual voice
+ Access to materials kits through my site, as needed / available
+ A connection to a community of creative makers through Instagram & Facebook, where we all are sharing the same skills for that month
+ all projects suitable for children & crafting with children, with tips & ideas included
+ and more as may be appropriate for each month - I'm open to suggestions, feedback & advice.

The projects will be suitable for beginners with minimal crafting skills, aimed to work around & within regular everyday life (I have 3 kids, including a very active 2yr old!). There'll be scope within each project to expand skills you may already have, with essays on finding your own creative voice - sometimes the simplest projects bring about the most amazing creative outcomes and outlets. Often it's the journey, not the outcome, that matters the most. There'll be talk about that too. The projects will have ideas and tips on crafting with children, including them in your creative year.

Depending on Interest - I may include topics on how to style & photograph your hand made products for visual social media, how to sell through websites / social media, etc etc…

Ideally I'd like each month to be a surprise for what you're making, but you'll probably see clues through my Instagram account any way (as I prepare the material in the months prior), but to give you an idea, some of the projects will include:
+ Basket Weaving
+ Natural & Botanical Dye
+ Loom Weaving, including making your own loom
+ Making fabric necklaces / bracelets
+ Crochet
+ Hand stitch work (with very simple instructions if you've never stitched before this will be perfect for you)
+ Hand printed fabric

I aim to use minimal tools with my creative making - I don't see the need for buying endless new supplies & materials each month. My way of working is in a sustainable manner - I like to use similar tools across different crafts. The idea is to just create, with what you have, rather than having to buy new supplies every month. Having said that - it depends on your crafting cupboard, what you'll need to purchase extra for each month's project; BUT there will be no large outlay for big tools, etc etc. (Please contact me via email if you've any questions about this).

A whole year's worth of ecourses and creative making for less than one of my workshop days! I've tried to keep this course at a price that is viable for you and for me - I hope this is a lovely balance that works for everyone to have a beautifully connective creative year together!