Image of Weaving Needle Skateboard wood Handcrafted

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Weaving Needle Skateboard wood Handcrafted


This beautiful needle has been handcrafted by my husband, Sam (Deadwood Creative) using broken & reclaimed skateboards. The needles are so beautiful to use, they fit perfectly in your hands while loom weaving, and the subtle curve of the needle makes stitching easier.
Perfect for all stitches on a lap loom - I use these needles and nothing more for my work.
Approx 8cm long, the eye is suitable for almost all yarns & even roving. If you work with extra chunky yarn, please let us know and we can try to make the eye as big as possible.

These needles are a thing of beauty to use and look at. Crafted by hand, sanded to a smooth shiny finish.
Let us know what colourways you like - we'll do our best.
Made to order - takes up to a week until ready for posting. Let us know if you need it quickly.